About x-dream-media

Company Profile

x-dream-media is focused on the niche to integrate software products for the media industry. This requires a solid overview about the products to integrate, their APIs, their strength and weaknesses. Our ultimative aim is to find solutions that do work for all parties - the customers, system integrators, resellers and vendors. On one hand this requires a team of specialists with an extremely deep knowledge about video standards, software eco systems, business processes and technical workflows. But on the other hand a sure instinct in managing all parties needs and desires is the key to successful projects.

x-dream-media has  offices or partners  in various capital cities of Europe and is multi lingual as well as multicultural positioned. Reaching your project aims is what our utmost important aim is. It’s reach is guaranteed by x-dream-medias team of business and technology specialists, highly experienced project managers and developers as well as addicted deployment and support engineers. Our core values are honesty, commitment, fairness, competency and reliability.

We are the partner of small and enterprise customers, system integrators and resellers. We are focused on the technical issues that are arising out of the need to integrate - sometimes competitive - software products. This requires excellent and trustful relationships to the involved vendors. We love to pick up issues where others have been giving up. Thus we do aim for an open and target oriented mindset to all involved parties.Stefan Pfütze - managing director

We are on a mission.

Our mission is to fill the gap within the media industry that arises from the incompabitility of software products or a lag of integration. Our main focus is on streamlining technical production processes. This can result in fully automated business processes or in human assisted workflows.

The Secret to our success is in sustainability.

x-dream-media is a melting pot for specialists. Enterprise customers that have such specialists are in a lucky position. For all others we are collecting them and make them accessible for smaller needs or large scale projects. A continuous education regarding video technology and business needs as well as growing experience is the key.

Social Conscience is a key factor.

Automatisation can result in jobs to be changed or the head count can be cut down. But the media industry is permanently growing in terms of sources of information and channels to distribute such information. Automatisation is a prerequisite for such growth and a chance for all professionals within the industry.